Many of our countrymen seem to believe that slavery in America ended with the Civil War. That is a lie. Slavery still exists today. Slavery remains, but the shackles are now called debt.

The root cause of income inequality is the debt-based monetary system and fractional reserve lending. Humans all across the globe are fighting the symptoms of this insidious institution, not realizing that they're completely wasting their time. Until we outlaw this system, the global economic divide will only grow.

Debt in America is fueled by the Federal Reserve Bank, which can print as many dollars as they wish. Gold is what we used to use for money in America. You can't print gold, and that's what makes it a much better form of currency - it holds its value over time because it cannot be brought into existence out of thin air.

If elected, I will fight to make gold and silver legal tender in California again, just like the founders intended by enshrining it in our constitution. This is legal and has precedent. It's been done in Utah and Arizona already. California would be wise to join them.

If you're still on the fence, you should watch this video first...


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Here's a video explaining the same concept using cartoons.