I don't know who declared California a war zone, but the militarization of police needs to end. Police departments have been purchasing armored personnel carriers, surveillance drones, and augmented reality surveillance overlays in law-enforcement aircraft.

Having seen the horrors of war and especially the inaccuracy of so-called "intelligence" reports, I'm here to tell you from first-hand experience that so-called "intelligence" is anything but.

Watch this video where a police aviator refers to police officers as "ground troops."

Troops? On American soil? This is not why I joined the United States Army. This is what I fought against - tyranny. I will not stand idly by as our civilian law-enforcement officers are systematically transformed into a domestic police state.

If elected, I would reach out to law-enforcement officers, civil rights groups, and other stakeholders, to come up with a plan that gives officers the tools they need to be effective while protecting the communities they serve and improving transparency and accountability.



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