People who support higher wages for low-income earners and oppose corporations exploiting their lowest wage earners should also oppose open border immigration policies. The people most negatively affected by open borders are our most economically disadvantaged.

Some people like to frame opposition to open borders as being caused by "xenophobia." That's a nasty name to call someone. Who wants to be labeled a "xenophobe"?

I think some of those people might misunderstand the opposition to open borders, so let's do what any rational person would do to investigate a person's motives and follow the money...

Unlimited immigration increases the labor supply significantly. Anyone who's taken Economics 101 knows that as supply increases, demand and price decrease. When it comes to jobs and working, the number of people available to work is called the labor supply. The number of jobs available is the labor demand. The more labor supply available for a given job, the lower the pay. That's why fast food workers are paid minimum wage and doctors are paid highly - there are way more people who can be a fast food worker than a doctor. That's why so many corporations support unlimited immigration - it allows them to pay their employees less when there are more people willing and able to do the work.

That's why so many corporations donate so much money to politicians who support relaxed immigration policies. The goal isn't to "replace American workers." The goal is to drive everyone's wages down, so the corporations can make more profit.

So, you see, corporations have taken advantage of good-hearted Californians by convincing them to be sympathetic to people from other countries to come here and lower everyone's wages, so corporations can make more profit. It would be devastating to corporate profit margins if sympathetic people figured this out, so you'll never hear them discuss how much money they make by importing cheap labor.

To make sure nobody at work complains, they create programs, like "inclusion and diversity" to trick people into feeling guilty for opposing this corporate money grab that's taken away from their own employees' pay.


So, the next time someone calls you a "xenophobe" or "bigot" for opposing open borders, kindly inform them that they're helping major corporations make huge profits and undermining themselves and every other Californian. Bigotry and xenophobia have nothing to do with it. We are simply resisting corporate greed. And I don't know anyone who would argue that's a bad thing.

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