California has a long history of environmentalism - a history I am proud to be part of. Since about the 1970's, we have worked tirelessly to control greenhouse gas emissions, to reduce our use of hazardous chemicals, and even promote recycling. The effects of this are quite visible - our coasts are recovering, our skies are clear of smog, and our rivers are still clear. California has done a fantastic job protecting our environment.

But what happened to all the products we stopped manufacturing because they caused too much pollution? Did local environmental regulations stop the pollution associated with their production?

No. The toxic emissions continue. All that our environmental regulations have done is export that pollution to other countries. Take a look for yourself at the effects of outsourcing our pollution to China.

The time for hypocrisy is over. It's time to hold ourselves accountable. If we truly care about the environment, prohibiting toxic emissions here at home isn't good enough. That's why if I'm elected, I will push for a voter-approved ballot measure to ban the import of any product whose manufacture does not meet our standards. Failing that, I would immediately ask voters to remove all restrictions on producing those goods and bring those jobs back to California. If we are committed to purchasing these goods, we may as well let Californians benefit from their production.

The current Senator, Bob Wieckowski, thinks that imposing more restrictions and expanding regulations will help prevent pollution. Either someone has been lying to him, or he's been lying to us. Is Senator Wieckowski's goal really to save the environment, or is his true goal to export our jobs, pollution, know how, and wealth to foreign countries? I encourage you to research the facts and come to your own conclusion.