Ali failed to secure enough votes to advance to the general election in November. Ali earned 6,420 votes (4.5% of all votes). For Ali's closing statement, please check out this video. This website is simply an archive of the campaign, platform, and activities.

Ali Sarsak ran for California's 10th Senate District. This includes all of Santa Clara city, parts of northern San Jose, Milpitas, Fremont, Newark, Union City, Hayward, and Castro Valley. Click here to see a map of the district.

Ali Sarsak's Campaign Priorities


Housing is way too expensive for the vast majority of Californians. It doesn't have to be this way. There are very simple things we can do to make housing more affordable for all Californians without raising taxes on residents or destroying our beautiful skyline and landscapes with high-density housing. Learn more about my Housing Plan.

California schools are ranked 10th worst in the nation! The state has failed. Californians overwhelmingly support local control of schools. It's time to get the state government out of our schools and let parents and local communities decide what and how to teach their children. Learn more about my Education Plan.

California has some of the strongest privacy laws in the country, but they're not strong enough. Tech companies and governments watch and record everything we do, everywhere we go, and everything we say. And there's nothing we can do about it. It doesn't have to be this way. Learn more about my Privacy Plan.

Our roads are falling apart. The people hit hardest by the gas tax are the lowest-income earners in the state (people who have to commute to work). Property tax is high. Sales tax is high. Income tax is high. And despite all the economic activity and jobs in this state, California is still headed for bankruptcy. What are they doing in Sacramento? Learn more about my Fiscal Responsibility Plan.